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Farm Heroes Saga Cheats v2.1.1


Farm Heroes Saga Cheats v2.1.1 that working. It’s very easy to handle. Cheat can add you Lives, Magic Beans and Gold Bars and unlock all levels. Works on all browsers ( Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Internet Explorer). This cheat is free from viruses and other threat. So don’t be afraid and download that working cheat to Facebook! File is located on a very fast server – download it in a few seconds!


Farm Heroes Saga Cheats v2.1.1

About Game Farm Heroes Saga Cheats

Farm Heroes Saga is one of the most popular games of Facebook. It is developed by King. Basically it is a match 3 game just like other saga games of King. In this game players have to help farm animals to drive away Rancid the raccoon while travelling from farm to farm. Match fruits to progress through the levels. In this site you will find all the information, tips, game guides and many more of Farm Heroes Saga. The game is very easy to pick up.

The player gets 5 lives in one time and has to play with it. Players need to switch the tiles and make matches to reach specified goal in each level. One thing is important here that there is specific number of moves in each level. So you need to complete your goals within that number of moves. While each level might see you collecting a different set of items, most come with additional symbols that aren’t required, but can still be matched as normal. Since each level has a limited amount of moves available to reach its final goal, there’s a real dose of strategy here. The more crops you collect in a single level, the more points and stars you’ll earn. Reaching just the one star level and the bare minimum in terms of required crops or minerals will see you unlocking the next stage, and so it goes as you make your way through next levels.

Players can earn magic beans after each level and can use them later to purchase boosters and other helpful things. After each level different boosters are unlocked and players can use them accordingly. While Farm Heroes Saga may contain match-three game-play that’s similar to other titles, even within King’s own catalog, the game is so adorable. So gear up and be a part of this cute and wonderful farm adventure of Farm Heroes Saga.

Farm Heroes Saga Features

– Adding Lives
– Adding Magic Beans
– Adding Gold Bars
– Unlock all levels
– Undetectable, Safe and Effective (100% Guaranteed)
– Works on all browsers ( Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Internet Explorer)
– Automatic updates

How To Use The Farm Heroes Saga Cheats

1. Download file
2. Extract file
3. Open file .exe
4. Connect with Facebook profile
5. Select your browser
6. Enter the amount of resources you want to add.
7. Click “Start”
8. Wait 5 minutes and log into your account
9. Have Fun!

Status: Working

PROOF Farm Heroes Saga Cheats v2.1.1

Farm Heroes Saga Cheats v2.1.1

Cheat Working?


263587 / 102

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