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Monster Legends Cheats v2.1


Monster Legends Cheats v2.1 that working. It’s very easy to handle. Cheat can add you Gems, Golds and Food. This cheat is free from viruses and other threat. So don’t be afraid and download that working cheat on all browsers ( Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari). File is located on a very fast server – download it in a few seconds!



Monster Legends Cheats v2.1

About Game Monster Legends Cheats

Monster Legends game on Facebook is perfect for fans of Dragon City where players manage their territory, they buy eggs, nurture them and then have to take care of the hatched from such monsters. Having already parka monsters can cross them and send them to fight. Why do I mention the Dragon City? Because those who have played just into this production will have no problems with understanding the following systems in Monster Legends. Players here not only have to build a lair for monsters and other structures that generate food for them, but also we need to put taverns, build the arena and other buildings, to use all functions. For everything but we need a place that for every new construction is shrinking and to acquire new land we have from time to time to clear the area of ​​stones, trees and clumps of grass.

The game presents each other mechanics very similar to other titles, although we also have some interesting possibilities that the competition were not available. Built structures can be improved here, so enlarging their capacity as a habitat for creatures (that is, the more they will be able to live there). Improving farm get access to a wider range of plants, though the better the longer it ripens. On the one hand, this allows us to save space under construction, but on the other hand, takes us such improvement a lot more time and here there arises the question of how much it worth it?

Monster Legends introduces several new monsters mechanics set up next to so many similar titles, regardless of platform. Built structures in the area, different from those in the Dragon City, can be upgraded. In this way, players can increase the ability of habitat and house more monsters and have their habitat holding more gold. Similarly, they can compensate households have access to many types of plants that can grow at longer intervals. On the one hand, these renovation projects save space and trouble to build more structures. On the other hand, they take more time to complete and therefore need to speed up with more gems if you’re willing. You can improve time as well as construction and any other actions to accelerate through gems (jewels – the premium currency).

From what I remember it in Dragon City has never been problems with the construction until the account had sufficient amount of gold. But in Monster Legends is a bit different, more it resembles what we saw in the Clash of Clans, we only have two employees who perform our job in sequence, so only two buildings are being built up at the same time, but you can buy workers using premium currency. Such a system is in my opinion too much and artificially increases the fun.

As for the fight we have to go on a special map where we marked with dots next level, the further the fight are much more difficult. During the fight, we can select a destination and skill, and then trigger an attack. All creatures are exposed to fight engaged in it, one fights right after the other and there is no waiting units that will come to fight after killing one of the pre-selected creatures. Each monster also consumes stamina during the release of the following skills and while not renew there is no question of re-use of the skill.

Monster Legends Cheats Features

– Adding Gems
– Adding Gold
– Adding Food
– Undetectable, Safe and Effective (100% Guaranteed)
– Works on all browsers ( Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer)
– Automatic updates

How To Use The Monster Legends Cheats

1. Download file
2. Extract file
3. Open file .exe
4. Connect with games account
5. Enter the amount of resources you want to add.
6. Click “Start!”
7. Wait 5 minutes and log into your games account
8. Have Fun!

Status: Working

PROOF Monster Legends Cheats v2.1

Monster Legends Cheats v2.1

Cheat Working?


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