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Pig and Dragon Cheats


Pig and Dragon Cheats that working. It’s very easy to handle. Cheat can add you Coins and Jewels. This cheat is free from viruses and other threat. So don’t be afraid and download that working cheat on all browsers ( Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari). File is located on a very fast server – download it in a few seconds!




Pig and Dragon Cheats

About Game Pig and Dragon Cheats

In total, we could already be seen in a number of social games with both birds and pigs, but can you imagine how it could look fight between pigs and dragons? This can happen really, but in the virtual world, but just such a bizarre skirmish offers us a game Pig & Dragon from the stables CookApps studies. This is nothing else like another match 3 puzzle game, which you will find already on Facebook, and even that met in a relatively short time 843,000 active users and this number continues to grow. In the game we will be matching colored fruit, which then feed the hungry dragons, but each level has a lot of different side missions that we have to fill to complete the game successfully – otherwise we lose life, and no live is the lack of opportunities for further fun and, hence the compulsion waiting for their renewal and so on.

At each level, Pig & Dragon we have been matching the following items to each other, so that identical fruit, numbering at least three were in one line, either vertical or horizontal. Matching four such elements to each other and more results in the addition of special power – the booster, which for the surrounding fruit adds a marker 2, or 3. This is a marker for subsequent adjustment extra points, and exactly how much – hmm it depends, as best as check it themselves.

As I mentioned earlier, every match is food for our dragons that we see on the screen of the game. When one of the dragons will be fed this shoot us an extra booster on random elements on the board thus helping us to collect extra points and a faster rise.

Players can unlock additional dragons on some level. Each of these beasts can be improved and to simply collect more stars. Thus, if the earlier levels you have not gone too well it should return to them to get the maximum number of stars. The more points you earn at that level that increases your chances of getting a larger number of stars.

Pig and Dragon Cheats Features

– Adding Coins
– Adding Jewels
– Full Lifes
– Undetectable, Safe and Effective (100% Guaranteed)
– Works on all browsers ( Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer)
– Automatic updates

How To Use Pig and Dragon Cheats

1. Download file
2. Extract file
3. Open file .exe
4. Connect with games account
5. Enter the amount of resources you want to add.
6. Click “Start!”
7. Wait 5 minutes and log into your games account
8. Have Fun!

Status: Working

PROOF Pig and Dragon Cheats

Pig and Dragon Cheats

Cheat Working?


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    download and it’s ok

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